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[icon] whats that in thing coming thats wayy late? is it a bird? is it a… - i wish i could explain myself, but words escape me...
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Time:08:53 pm
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whats that in thing coming thats wayy late? is it a bird? is it a plane? NO! its jeannas rochester update! no effin way!!

yes my sexy mamas...its finally here. but its not really an UPDATE...its a poem. YES MY FRIENDS I AM THAT MUCH OF A DORK THAT I MADE A POEM!

or could it be im uber talented...

nah....im just a loser.

its early morning-lets sit and wait,                                                                                                        

for a bus ride to come that we THINK we'll  hate,                                                                            

but once were seated and on our way,                                                                                                 

we noticed a boy who might be gay.                                                                                                 

how do we know, you may ask,                                                                                                        

that this poor boy is a fag?                                                                                                                   

well it could be he was wearing colls pants,                                                                                    

thats right folks, he dressed in drag!                                                                                                      

at our first rest stop we got some food,                                                                                           

joked around about the rod of chester                                                                                                

we wore some spiffy burger king crowns                                                                                          

and nicknamed this poor gay guy just like we did with Lester.                                                  

Cornealous was his nickname.                                                                                                            

but our interest was gone fast,                                                                                                         

cause we soon realized that truth or dare and dirty mad libs,                                                          

made this bus ride kick ass.                                                                                                                   

after 6 straight hours,                                                                                                                            

of nonstop fucking fun,                                                                                                                       

we made to our hotel and mixed up our rooms,                                                                                

but who cares where we stay? rochester is still number 1                                                                                                                                                

that night we watched the grudge,                                                                                                  

"watch out for naked asain boys!"                                                                                                   

afterwards our elevator went down instead of up,                                                                             

me and kristin were scared shitless&hopeing not to hear that "uh-uh-uh"  noise .           

Speaking of elevators that night we crammed into one

and we were so damn loud

we pushed marco out on a random floor

and the security guard said we were not allowed.

we had an awesome night,

i slept with christine *sigh* were quite the pair,

and we picked the perfect bed

because danielle and kristins had a pubic hair.

the next day i dont quite recall,

and i know you dont care,

but ive got to say that the food was great, the mall was fun,

and cornealous was EVERYWHERE!

ah now i remember the second day,

thats when my compition was-guess who it was with?

cornealous. yep he was there,

turns out his name is matt smith.

turns out kristin loves to "PARTAY"

and crazy cloaked men like to stare into our hotel,

flickling lights in the middle of the night isnt a good idea,

but all in all that night was swell.

the next day was awards day and centereach kicked ass,

alot of us won-were such cool cats,

but everyone was a truly a winner,

because we got to party at marcos after that!

we made alot of videos,

i love the last video the best,

"pimpin' aint easy"-but we needed to keep quiet,

cause pimpin' kristin needs her rest.

of course there were alot of other moments that trip,

hell, we even caught a molester,

but the others things that happened our for only the us to remember

because "what happens in rochester stays in rochester"

i love you guys so much.

im rather happy we all met;).

and i know for fucking sure,

that cornealous is a name we'll NEVER EVER forget.


...damnit...im good.

i hope you enjoyed my little poem:)

love you guys


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Time:2005-03-26 01:56 pm (UTC)
and namming him cornelius was all me yup all me and jeanna "flap like a bird, jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish!!!"

Heh overall that trip was fun....
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Time:2005-03-27 04:06 am (UTC)
pssh! Corneilious was totally my idea!

btw Jeanna.. I LOOOVE the poem. Its amazing.
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Time:2005-03-27 03:30 pm (UTC)
r u kidding allison how do you think you got the name what am i nameing my two kids thumbalina and cornelius it was my idea i said it and you guys went with it oft you liar
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Time:2005-03-26 07:12 pm (UTC)
i love this.
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Time:2005-03-27 04:07 am (UTC)
damn it jeanna that was fuckin amazing.. haha.. so inspirational.. ahh.. scarey fun and dramatic times.. but it was still great.. especially the poem that came out of it.. love yas.. bye

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Time:2005-04-01 12:04 am (UTC)
That was the best thing I have ever read in my entire life<333333333333333333333333
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[icon] whats that in thing coming thats wayy late? is it a bird? is it a… - i wish i could explain myself, but words escape me...
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