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Current Music:you know how i do~tbs
Time:09:37 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly

so yeah. matt picked me up to go bowling today. yay! so were not even a block away from my house and theres a red light so we stop. and since we stopped i thought 'hey! kiss your boyfriend!' and this wasnt even a um...cough....deep kiss it was just a cutesy little kiss on the lips. nothing big at all-AT ALL but then in the mist of looking at each other we hear THUD! so we hit the car in front of us. oopsy. my fault of course. but we didnt damage it-THANK GOD. the people in the car didnt even like....flip us off. or anything for that matter. at all. they didnt turn around. they didnt get out of the car. nothing. not even a...um...fist shake(?) then, (isnt this dandy) a cop pulls up next to us. but, he didnt do anything either. so all that happened was an embarassing waiting for the light to turn green. so yeah...we hit a car lol




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Current Music:Rich Girl-Gwen Stefani
Subject:if i was a rich girl, na na blah blah ARGGGGGGGG
Time:07:15 pm
Current Mood:groggygroggy
if i was a rich girl...

...i'd hire a hit man to kill gwen stefani for making a song that gets stuck in my head so goddamn easily.
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Current Music:smile like you mean it~The Killers
Subject:blah blah
Time:09:13 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy

girl scout meeting tonight...


i seriously dont understand why were the best of friends EVERYWHERE except the campgrounds. its weird...but hell, i can deal considering we're back to normal right away. as corny as it may sound these girls are like my sisters. ther so goddamn funny about everything and i love being around them. hah "ali i need to talk to you....i have a bra" lmfao so much fun. i love them so much. thank god my mom made me join girlscouts when i was little. thank god ali came up to me on the first day and said "hi im ali, want to be friends?" i grew up with these people. *sigh* they dont realize how awesome they are. hah i love being a girl scout. think its gay? like oh my god go fuck yourself asshole:)

have a loverly day lol


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Current Music:the calender hung itself-brighteyes
Time:01:54 pm
Current Mood:lovedi love matt martinez
i stole this from allison bc im a survey whore-but i know allison loves it;)

::15 Random Things You Like::
1. the gain you get after the pain
2. shotputter inside jokes<3
3. orange roses
4. finding money
5. finishing a painting
6. newly fallen snow
7. random kissing
8. the coolest friends in the world
9. writing
10. matt-matty-matticus-matthew allawicious-kitten<3
11. sliding on hardwood floors in socks
12. talking about childhood things (shows/movies/fads/etc)
13. stuffed animals
14. fruit by the foot
15. lip gloss

::14 Favorite Foods::
(stealing two of allisons)
1. strawberries (allison knows i love these lol)
2. bacon
3. frozen nectarines(im weird)
4. snowballs
5. lemon chicken
6. pizza
7. fruit salad
8. um...this stuff...my mom makes...that i cant think of-its italian though...
9. cupcakes (but only ones with puke green frosting-lol to neone who gets that)
10. cotton candy
11. fruit by the foot
12. goldfishes
13. smores
14. caramel apples
(about 2 things out of this is actual food)

::13 Most Watched Shows::
1. Scrubs
2. Family Guy
3. Will and Grace
4. Friends reruns
5. the venture brothers
6. i love the 90s
7. all things rock countdown
8. i didnt watch it much but i did like the sureal life with flava flav lol
9. Veronica Mars
10. real world philly-its stupid, but willy is so goddamn adorable lol
11. HOME MOVIES<3 (even though it got canceled or something)
12. king of queens
13. everybody loves raymond

::12 Good Bands/Groups In Your Opinion::
1. Taking back sunday<3
2. Blink 182<3
3. Coheed and Cambria<3
4. Bright eyes<3
6. The killers<3
7. The Oasis<3
8. Yellowcard<3
9. Jet<3
10. My Chemical Romance<3
11. Greenday<3
12. and of course BILLY JOEL<3<3 bc ive been obsessed with that man since i was but a meer child

::11 Memories::
1. Getting a crush on the waiter on a cruise
2. sitting ontop of the sanddunes, eating oreos("VIDEO TAPE ME BITCHES!!")
3. our first Chilis experience-("ive got the magic stick")
4. getting my bangs
5. the potato movie
6. getting oreo
7. "dont take its picture! youll steal its soul"-lol matt<3
8. dancing to cant touch this while making cupcakes at danielles
9. "i wont smush the cupcake in youre face, kristin." *SMUSH*
10. "we're the planteers, you can be one too, cause working together is the thing to do"
11. "seven days" ha good one kristin;)

::10 Close Friends::
1. Colleen
2. Danielle
3. Christine
4. Jen
5. Nicole
6. Amanda
7. Kristin
8. Marco
9. Ann(in a weird way were friends lol)
10. Jay(even though hes in another state-i tell the boy everything)

::09 Things You're Looking Forward To::
1. Rodchester
2. Woodloch
3. Me and Matts 3 monther (oh and Joey and Michelles 2 monther-lol michelle)
4. Spring (ignore the snow outside)
5. Spring track (lmao now Bahr can make us stand in the middle of the field and do yoga yet again! woo!)
6. Doing something tonight hopefully
7. Working out so i can get that stupid pain that means a job well done
8. finishing my painting
9. Having another 3 hour conversation with Matt today<3

::08 Things You Wear Daily::
1. Earings from matt
2. Cherry necklace
4. Bra
5. Anklet-from danielle;)
6. headphones (after school)
7. shoes/socks
8. pants or skirt

::07 Things That Annoy You::
1. the quote-"you cant have your cake and eat it too"
2. chipped nailpolish
3. boredom
4. hypocrites
5. bitches...
6. ...and hoes
7. writers block >:o argg

::06 Things You Touch Every Day::
1. head phones
2. scrunchee
3. writing utencil
4. lipgloss
5. paper (to write/draw/paint on)
6. phone

::05 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::
1. THE TENTH KINGDOM (seen it about 7 times-its a 9hour movie)
2. the other siseter
3. once around
4. bubble boy
5. garden state (gotta agree with allison)

::04 Of Your Favorite Toys When You Were Little::
1. Baby (toy dog)
2. Kitty (toy cat lol)
3. creepy crawlers
4. monkeys in a barrol (it was sick how much those kept me occupied lol)

::03 guys You have Kissed::
1. anthony
2. chris
3. MATT<3<3<3<3

::02 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment::
1. The Velorium Camper I: Faint Of Hearts-Coheed and Cambria
2. Look What Youve Done-Jet

::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With::
1. Matthew Anthony Martinez....*blushes*

okay....im done...later lovers<3
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Current Music:The perfect sonnet-bright eyes
Time:12:21 am
Current Mood:awakeawake

THIS ONE GOES OUT TO MY GOOD BUDDY DANIELLE!!(and all you other loverly people i care so much about)

i can admit myspace has taken over livejournal. i fully and wholeheartedly argee with petes final entry in his livejournal regarding how livejournal is dead, and myspace is the new craze when it comes to the computer. Im sorry for this, but honestly, livejournal has been defeated by myspace. Danielle is certainly right as well. If I am to have a  livejournal, I should update it. A lot of things have happened since my last update, but nothing worth mentioning either because it was so memorable, or it was something that isnt necessary to write about because its over and shouldnt be brought up again. I can say this though, Im living a good life. The 24th is matt and i's 3 monter. Of course thats about a week from now, but i guess I'm just so hyped up about it that it seems like a shorter period of time. I love him. It may be puppy love. It may be high school love. But ive never been happier. I think about him morning noon and night and ive never cared so much about one person. Hell, I didnt even know it was possible to care that much about a person, and its the best feeling in the world. I love Matthew Anthony Martinez<3 I dont mean to bring down those people without valentines but always remember that when your sitting in your kitchen, shoving your face with chunky monkey while wearing your slippers and the most unattractive pair of pjs you can find, there is someone else out there, doing the exact same thing and you WILL find that person. Believe in love. Believe that there IS someone out there. and no matter what never let the thought that youre all alone and always will be cross your mind. If your reading my livejournal right now then youre still young and theres so many people in this world, looking for love, because when it comes down to it, theres a VERY rare amount of people in this world that dont want to get married and have a family. Everyone wants love. So this valentines day keep in mind that this person for you is out there thinking the exact same thing. Youre amazing, you may not think it but youre amazing. And there is someone out there that will click with you no matter what you may think. Okay well im done with the love affect...but if you dont have a valentine and youre still down about it:


(oh btw, this entry was about danielle, it was just because she asked me to update, lol danielle doesnt need help in loves, shes too sexy;))

good night new york


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Time:06:55 pm
coheed and cambria are cooler then you

Video code provided by MusicVideoCodes.com
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Current Music:Cold Hard Bitch~Jet
Time:05:33 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
its been a while huh?
hi. how are you? thats nice. i could write a gazillion things in this journal about friends, matt, school etc, but alas, i REALLY REALLY dont feel like it. my journal is going down hill most definetly. so i guess ill just write a little blurb on each random topic.

friends: my friends still are, and will always be the coolest people in the history of forever. the DECA trip was...disapointing but im over that. besides the actual compitiion i had a great time. "drink jeanna drink...PHYSCE"(hah idk how its spelt) lol and marcos wonderful words that kept me laughing everything he said them-"swing it over hither mr. DJ" put kristin and marco together and its the most fun you will ever have.(the camping trip was rather interesting. actually, screw that, i had a great time. so many jokes from that one-"hey you!...hi..."-the password is fried chicken...HAHA we changed it!-3am pigging out-CAPTAIN SHARK BAIT(well, truthfully it was spelt bate on the mask lol)-pimping goose-the bubble game;)-carrots-"my eyebrows are bushy...like men...DANCING!!" lol and me amanda and lauren are the coverups. apparently i looked like a hyper 4 year old but i dont care that was awesome "...while hes having a smoke and shes taking a drag"-all in all my friends are better then anyone on the face of the earth. hands down.

matt: still the best boyfriend ever. yeah thats right. as appose to every other male on the planet, he doesnt suck. hes the sweetest nicest guy everrrrrr<3<3<3 not to mention hes so fucking cute. i know nobody cares but just skip it then, ill continue typing about how much i love matthew anthony martinez. even though he steals my words and is going to kill me one day because of the whole belly button thing. hes so amazing and nice and cool and hey, for once hes the kind of guy that you can talk to, and will listen, and actually be able to make conversation back-wowie zowie the male species should really look up to this kid. I went bowling with him sunday, "bring it bitch"-"im distracting you"-"im using my powers to mess you up" dont slip and fall matty;)-oh and then russell almost gave us heart attacks. we were in his car and i was calling my mom and russell, who we saw about a minute beforehand in the bowling alley, rams into the side of his car and starts screaming. lol it was funny though. then the next day i went to his house. hah it was so silly, his dad is a cop and told matt he broke someones arm and matt just started laughing hysterically and then his dad just smiled and me and matts mom just looked at each other lol. matts little brother chris is beyond adorable, i love him too lol.

school: I LOVE IT!!! really?!? no....

im done

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Time:09:32 pm
I brought a shirt on saturday.
and damnit i liked that shirt-it was awesomeness in a cotton fabric. so i guess i just put it somewhere, i was thinking my dresser. Today i looked all over for it. I swear to god my room is like narnia or however that lion the which and the wardrobe place is spelt. Its all messy and fraggle rock is probably under my bed. So anywayz...ive been searching like crazy and its nowhere to be found. This is madness. I am totally aware you dont care but whatever-ill be keeping you posted
*godbless my shirt*
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Current Music:I've Got You~The Flys<3
Time:02:57 pm
Current Mood:energeticenergetic


we'll live like Jack and Sally if you want to...<3

im sorry but seriously, the nightmare before christmas is in no way a love story, and what are they doing nowadays? making it out to be a bigger cutesy lovey dovey story then Lady and the Tramp. I mean i love blink 182, but ther so wrong. Ther basically saying we can live like I finally noticed you exsited and decided i wanted some action on a crazy ass hill. I mean honestly, the movie is just her trying to escape her master and Jack trying to make christmas and she trys to warn him because she has feelings for him and he copletelty ignores her the entire movie. Then its over and there on top of that curvy hill and hes all "Sally, I never noticed how..." yeah idk exactly what he says but he compliments her in some way and she goes completely gaga and they kiss. That is not a love story. It's almost like since Disney really doesnt have a movie without a one creature/person/toy or another falling head over heels/paws/plastic boots for another they deciede just to squeeze that scene in there bc honestly, it really doesnt follow much of the movie...except when she stalks him. Yeah it was completely necessary to go on that rate bc one i wrote those lyrics i just had to write this. Jeez, please somebody tell me they know what im talking about.

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Current Music:whatsername~Greenday<3
Time:01:52 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
So for those of you who don’t know...my grandma passed away. Heh, it sounds pretty silly considering she’s been gone for over two years. The only thing that clicks my memory to what she was like is the piles and piles of home movies my dad has been continuously watching. It’s pretty sad that he’s spent the last few days in our backroom on the same chair, laughing slightly only when he’d see something cute on the television that would send him memories of times that “once were” and only getting up a few times a day. Then again, if both my parents were gone I’d be too distraught to even leave my bedroom. It somewhat seems that he’s taking this worse then when his father died, which I don’t really understand. See, the way my grandpa went out was pretty upsetting. Nobody expected it, the doctors said he could go home from the hospital the next day. Apparently nothing was wrong with him, so honestly, I didn’t care. I mean whatever he’s just sick, and because of that I never really “got to say goodbye”. I remember before he went to the hospital my mom, who is a nurse, asked me to take a ride with her to go check up on him. My grandpa lived in the basement of my aunts house. That sounds rather disgusting but trust me it was fixed up to a T and everything had a place. Basically it was like an apartment equipped with two bedroom, a kitchen, a livingroom, two bathrooms, a room with a pool table, darts, and a ping pong table, and a very small, discreet room where my cousin Louis could go down and practice the drums and guitar. Unfortunately, my cousin Louis was actually playing music that day, and since I really didn’t think a thing was wrong with my grandpa, I didn’t even say hi and just went off to hang out with Lou. Two days later, much to everyone’s disbelief, he died in a hospital bed. We’re over that, even though when it happened it was hell. Nobody could really take in the fact he was gone and then...there was me. The one who cried only the day he died. I just sat in my cousin Christine’s room and bawled until my mom came in, drawing attention to me and then of course the whole friggen family is in there when obviously I just wanted to be alone. Now that...that was tragic. But as for my grandma, well, completely different. My grandma had, had two tumors, about six strokes, couldn’t walk, and could barely talk, and from my point of view, that’s no life. See, I don’t think the term is alive, if your not technically “living”. So for the past two years, a chair in a nursing home was my grandmas life. I can honestly say I’ve never been heartbroken about this. I’ve been wondering if I ever realized she was basically in my own terms “gone” but I guess it never hit me. I guess she was never “gone”, but “slowly leaving”. It’s pretty much a blur what my grandma was like, and what’s the sense of holding on to a blur? To put it into a more understandable way, my grandma was taken awhile ago, and her body is what was left. Cheery huh? Well anyone who reads this knows I am a cheery person, so that pretty much proves that I’m not being grim, I’m being honest. And after two years of, you know what screw I’ll just go on and say it, of being a vegetable (god, I hate that), I would have figured my dad’s mother dying would be a somewhat relief on him and my aunt. I was obviously wrong. I’m starting to think deeper, I mean Matt does and he really comes up with some good points, so now I’m trying to figure out this whole death thing. Why does it have to be so sad, especially with my grandma, who’s up there in heaven, talking and walking and with her husband. It’s like life is just a test run for heaven, and when God see’s you just cant take this like “test run” anymore he’ll let you come to the real deal. Yeah, it’s kind of silly, I guess I’m not a deep person, but it makes me feel better. What makes this whole experience worse for me is how these movies are on day after day. The screen fills with all these memories that should and are supposed to make me happy. Sure there are some things that was cute and funny, but my grandpa is in a lot of those silly little video camera-ed creations. Those stupid movies made me think. I forget about my grandpa. I forgot how he sounded. And I know your not supposed to want to forget, but after all this time of a blank mind where my grandpa’s memory should be and then a sudden burst of everything he was...well it’s kind of hard to take because I really miss him. Now I have one grandparent left, who’s sick. No one is admitting it but I think he’s dying. Well everyone is dying but seriously, this isn’t “live-your-life-to-its-fullest-because-it’ll-be-over-sooner-then-you-know” bullshit, it’s the real deal, it’s the “any-day-could-be-his-last” kind of stuff. Yeah it’s sad, but I don’t think anyone should compare the way I’m technically “dying” and the way he is actually dying. I mean, you’re not supposed to compare some girl who complains about running to her grandpa who would love to be able to run without his heart giving out. Uck I sound so depressed...I’m really not though. Anyway, My grandpa is 79, still has a job, works everyday, he’s crazy. For his 80th birthday he wants to jump out of a plane...yeah my grandpa is cool lol. Yep, parachuting out of a plane, my grandpa kicks ass. And yet, it’s pretty sad considering we had quite a scare around November when he was in the hospital. My mom didnt think he was going to make it...I hate it when people say that. Just those words...they shouldn’t be worded like that. But he did. He made it. Heh, thats worded alright though lol.
So anyway...Italian people are absolutely insane. See, I have a very big Italian family. Plus all those crazy friends of the family, and of course us italians follow that stereotype that italians love to eat, so that means sooooooo many people came to our door with so much food. I’ve calculated within the two days after she passed away, we received, a big tin of strawberry pastries, a giant (im not even kidding its huge) box of chocolate, a big thing of cookies, two cheesecakes, salad dressing (?), two boxes of crackers, cheese, two bottles of sparkling cider, Baked Ziti, Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, some Italian heros, little chocolates and candies and um...yeah more cake. See, I have food loving, Italian speaking, extremely loud family. I’m pretty proud of that too...besides I have to be, I’m spending the next four days with them, which is nice. My grandma died on new years eve so we went to the newlyweds (Lou and Stef) house and spent the night there. That was nice. Some of my family came over yesterday and we had dinner and watched some home movies. Yeah, pretty lame...but I wouldnt have it any other way. I wont be in school until at least Thursday. Talk to you guys later.
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[icon] i wish i could explain myself, but words escape me...
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