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Time:01:55 am
cognition-thought or intellect
cognitive development-Jean Piaget (a cognitive theorist)
-genetic epistemology-systematic study of knowledge
                               -gain. acquire, use
-the human family

**3 stages of cognitive development**
1. sensory motor stage (0-2)-coordination. 5 senses with muscle movement
   a)egocentric-self centered
  b)scheme-thought behavior relationship
  c)object permanence-16-22 weeks-fully developed by the end of the first yea
2.preoperational stage  (2-7 years) language development -you learn written language of culture, the conceptual languages, concepts can only be understood  when they are tied down to other concepts
3.concrete operational stage (7-11 years)
-hypothesis thinking-an educated guess
-kids learn by doing
4.formal operational stage (11-15) (17)
-abstraction, analoges and metaphors

*Lev Vygotsky-socio-cultural approach
 -the society and the culture in which we live will be responsible for the language and the thoughts we have
 -language goes through 4 different stages

1)preintellectual speech
2)naiive speech
3)egocentric speech
4)innerspeech-(thinking, talking to yourself within your mind)

-Vygotsky says-language--->thoughts

*Benjamin Whorf-lingustic relative hypothesis.
-If a language is related to thoughts and if thought is related to culture than culture is related to language
so, if:language->thought
& if: thought->culture
then: culture->language

-if culture has a need for a word they will deveolp that word
-language-a flexible system of communican using sounds, utterances, gestures, innotation and inflexion to communicate thought

*3 properties to language:
1) semanticity-meaning of a word
2)productivity-meaning of alot of words put together-ex) sentence, paragrah, essay
3)displacement-the abilty to abstract time-past-present-future
-all humans have language
-only humans have languge
-all languages maintain those characteristics

*NATURE        vs         NURTURE  DICHOTOMY

Nature-biological predisposition
Nurture-environmental determanism

-genetic predisposition
-neurologically hardwire (set up neurologically to use language)
-Brocas area (Left tempral lobe)-Broca's area, which is usually associated with the production of language, or language outputs
-Wernicks area (Left frontal lobe)-Wernicke's area, which is associated with the processing of words that we hear being spoken, or language inputs
-Noam Chomsky-psycholinguistics,(psychology-language)-language acquistion device (LAD)
-(LAD)-a deeply seeded, neurologically hardwired something that makes us receptive to language and grammer
-innate nativism-inborn

-emergentism-develops over time
-you must be exposed to human language during a sensitive critical period-12 years
-ferrel children-children who, for one reason or another, have been abandoned by their biological parents in early childhood and raised by not humans

-interdependence of the two theories-"functionalist approach"-Anna Anastasi (1952)
-Anna Anastasi says nature and nurture are equal partners in determing behaviorism

-phonology-the study of sounds (putting sounds together to form words)
-psycholingustics-combination of the study of psych and the study of language
-syntax-they way in which we put words together to form sentences-creates meaning-productivity
-semantivity-meaning of a word
-productivity-meaning of alot of words
-displacement-ability to abstract time
-pragmatics-participation in conversation-responding appropriately

*developmental psychology-the human development across the lifespan from conception to death
-2 parts:
-physical development
-prenatal environment-before birth-neonate newborn-ex)herion addicted babies

*G. Stanley Hall-the father of environmental psych

-attachment theory-John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth
  -primary caregiver-attach to the primary caregiver with proximatey (physical closeness)
 -attachment occurs because of proximatey-(proximatey->attachment)

*HUMANISM-3rd force in psychology
    -1st force-Psychodynamic-the unconsious
    -2nd force-Behaviorism-the environment

-Humanism-abraham maslow
  -self actualization-to fully bring forth or manifest. Being the best human beings we can he and understanding ourselves. To fully development the unquieness of who we are.
-we have free will and we are not bound by the unconcious mind
-we must take responsibly for our actions (good and bad)
-internal locus of control-control over your life
-external locus of control-focus outside of me that controls you
-respect-you respect and you are entitled to respect-all people are innately good. they have innate dignitiy
-authenticity-be who you are
-"Be here now!" Rom Das

-self actualization-most important characteristic of a humanist.

*Mary Ainsworth-strange situation technique-The Strange Situation procedure, developed by American psychologist Mary Ainsworth, is widely used in child development research. The goal of the Strange Situation procedure is to provide an environment that would arouse in the infant both the motivation to explore and the urge to seek security. An observer (often a researcher or therapist) takes a mother and her child (usually around the age of 12 months) to an unfamiliar room containing toys. A series of eight separations and...

-Ainsworth studys attachments:

The strange situation:
1. Securely attached child-when their mother leaves the room & a stranger comes in the child stops playing with the toys and are irritated with the stranger. When the mother returns they seek out their mother
2. Avoidantly attached child-distressed by moms seperation but upon return they don't seek out their mother
3. Ambivalently attached child-distressed at mothers seperation but upon reunion they activley seek out their mother and simeltainously reject her. 
4. disorganized and disoriented child-confused before, during and after the procedure

-imprinting-natural instictual attachment in nonhumans-Konrad Lorenz
-bonding-non instictual in humans-Lorenz

*Hierarchy of Needs-our journey of selfactualization
top layer-self actualization
2nd layer-esteem
3rd layer-belongingness needs
4th layer-safety needs
bottom layer-physiological/basic needs

actualizating tendency^

*Carl Rogers believes actualization tendency is a tendency humans have to push toward self actualization
-all humanists believe in self actualization

-cognitive behaviorism-thougths->behaviors
   -not related to cognitive behaviorism- or behaviorism
  -we have thoughts and these thougths drive our behaviors

*-Albert Ellis-rational-emotive-cognitive-behavior therapy
  -rational thoughts, emotions, behaviors
 -"rational thoughts will drive rational behaviors"
 -rational thoughts---->rational behaviors
 -irrational thoughts--->irrational behaviors
-Ellis is a humanist, cognitive behaviorist and rational emotive-cognitive behaviorist

-motivation-motive-a need, desire or want that directs us toward achieving some goal
-emotion-affect in psych or feeling that directs us to a goal-perceptions-how we see the world
-drive-biological need, desire or want (hunger, thrist, temperature, some sex drive)
-all drives are motives but all motives are not drives
-instinct-genetically predisposed pattern of behavior transmitted from one generation to the next common to all members of a species and responsible for species survival or individual survival
-reflex-pattern of behavior common to all members of a species and it is triggered by the same environmental stimulis


1)approach-approach conflict
-------> + <-------

2)avoidance-avoidance conflict
<---- + ------>

3)approach-avoidance conflict
-----> + ----->

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Current Music:An Orgy Of Critics~Say Anthing
Time:07:09 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
ill write a real entry when something cool actually happens.
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Current Music:chain me free~the matches
Subject:ca-ca-ca conversations with my baaaaaaathroom mirror...
Time:06:40 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
ive come to the conclusion that i suck. im so down on myself lately. im a bad friend, a bad daughter...Please nobody take this as a pity entry, i just want my friends to know what they mean to me. Danielles amazing. she understands and i think even if she didnt, shed pretend to just to make me feel better. shes a better friend to me then i am to her and i apologize for that.

my dog just came down...stupid dogs. perfect lives. which isnt true, we all know that a dog must have a boring life, but im sure its not just me that envys an animal when we have those points in our lives when we just would rather be barking at cats then worrying.

im sorry to everyone. im not there when i should be. its like im gone now, but i dont want to be. and yes, this is about matt. i love him, i love him more then i think he realizes. i dont make it clear to people how much they mean to me. he probably doesnt know how much he means to me. danielle probably doesnt realize either that i couldnt ask for a better friend. yeah, this sounds stupid re-reading it but all day i felt like crap. i feel like im a sucky friend. i hope you guys understand that hes going to college and were pretty much soaking up all of each other we can before august. one month guys, please dont think were losing touch. i know im being a bad friend, and yes i know the whole chicks before dicks thing but i really hope you guys understand. danielle and i talked yesturday, she understands and she cares and shes amazing. today i found out my moms upset im never home so i feel even worse. im so sorry guys. im sorry im a bad friends, please dont ignore me, i know you wouldnt cause ur all so amazing but i wouldnt blame you. i love you guys...

now i just need to get through to my mom...
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Current Music:My little monkey wrench~Hot Water Music
Time:07:54 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
I think everyone believes that i let this journal go down the tubes. nah, its just ive had nothing to write about....i take that back, im too lazy to write about anything. I filled my system with green tea this morning without any food in my stomach, by 5th period i felt like i was going to die. So since my moms not home, by brother and i had to go through this little process until the nurse told me to go home and feel better. As it turns out, despite how much i was about to die, about an hour later i was perfectly fine. I felt bad, like it was my fault and i knew i'd feel better, but ill just have to make it up by doing everything i missed today for tomorrow homework. I watched comedy central and i figured all the ladies in the hizzouse would agree with this quote from some chick. Oh yes, I agree whole-heartedly that this is a ridicious something to put in a jounral entry, but come on ladies is this not true?:

"So i'm waiting for my period. Yeah, and getting really anxious and scared. But i had no reason to be scared if you catch my drift...no reason at all. But come on, all the ladies know, we all at one point in our lives think, 'Oh my God I'm carrying the child of christ'."

oh yea-you all know thats true, we girls are crazy.

Blah anyway..tomorrow will be cool. 6 months with matt. hmmm ive gotta say--pretty long. couldnt be happier either. Then woodloch-this week shall be remembered in history as super-mondo-kablama-fun-week



acutally the really no thing is getting old..i think ill coolify it:

fo' shizzle?

no dawg.

oh yeah...mad gangsta yo.

bye now.
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Current Music:Cross my hear~Home Grown
Subject:"I havent had a sober night since you left me"
Time:08:35 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
A - Age you got your first kiss: 12
B - Band listening to right now: Home Grown
C - Crush: That crazy Matt Martinez from down the lane (whoa idk what im talking about lol)
D - Dad's name: Joe
E - Easiest person to talk to: Colleen, Danielle, Mom, Oreo-DOGS DONT JUDGE!
F - Favorite bands at the moment: Home Grown & The Movielife
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: worms
H - Hometown: C-town for shizzle
I - Instruments: My hands! When it comes to Mr. Brightside you wouldnt even understand the song if it wasnt for me, amanda and laurens hand movements! their an instruments all their own!
J - Junior High: Dawnwood Middle School-word to my homies.
K - Kids: 1. Her name is Kylie. I can't believe Coll put 0. Deadbeat dad.
L - Longest car ride ever: Florida
M - Mom's name: Jeanine
N - Nicknames: Um Um. Nothing really used often. Haha Bling-Bling, Hygene, Little Ms. Spiffy. Flawaffel<3
O - One wish: hmm I dont think theres just one. I'll BS this question: World Peace.
P - Phobia[s]: ghosts! woo! im a dork!
Q - Quote: "The years of happily ever after are long gone."
R - Reason to smile: almost 6 months like whoa!
S - Song you sang last: Haha all ive been singing: Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
T - Time you woke up [today]: 6:15
V - Vegetable you hate:Um...im pretty much a rabbit, theres nothing too bad.
W - Worst habit: Nail Biter
X - X-rays you've had: Collar Bone, Teeth
Y - Yummy food: Haha I just thought about a really old entry where I asked people to answer questions about me and kristin said my favorite food was Ferrets. So I shall put that here. Ferrets are yummy.
Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo

k ga'day yall<3
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Current Music:Life Of A Traveling Salesman~YellowCard
Subject:"Tell me why I'm here, Dad."
Time:05:19 pm
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful

I'm a lucky girl. A lucky lucky girl.

"thank you friends for the time weve shared I love you all like sunshine and air<3"

Thanks for making me this way guys. Heres to you, for making me a wacky quirky and all around happy person. I would'nt want to be a complete idiot with anyone else besides you guys. Never ever change, not one of you. Youre perfect the way you are. This is in no order so please dont get mad-also if your not on here, dont get mad either, we all know we have those certain people that you feel deserve a livejournal shout out. Oh and sorry guys-but this ones for the girls :)

Danielle- The most amazing person i've ever met. She'll stop at nothing to make everyone happy. Even if that means making herself unhappy. She'll stop what shes doing for you, and just being with her will make you an all around better person. Any problem you could possibly have will be okay if you just talk to her about it-she'll help you. Not only that but shes hysterical and so random. (in the middle of math regents review the picture of martino dancing-i still have that!) Thanks for making me a better person danielle, youre awesome<3

Colleen- Stop copying me. How can I get a better friend? Shes exactly like me, not in every way but dear god so close. My fellow goofball. Someone who was gone through life with me in pretty much every area-from the begining of girl scouts to this year of track. Together through thick in thin. To have inside jokes from the most awful events like at a funeral home ("This leaf bends") to doing the girly event of watching a movie and eating a pint of ice cream after a break up. Thanks for being on the same page and thanks for making me a wacko. Stay spiffy<3

Kristin- Quiet? Please. Promise me you'll never be quiet outside a classroom. Nobody on the planet is as funny as you. You can make anything funny. You put a spin on making people feel better. If I'm ever down you dont say some words of wisdom, you make me laugh-only special and outrageously funny people can do that. Like your way of getting me over chris (by the way thanks for putting up with me during that time in my life) haha i wont write it here, but hopefully you remember. Youre an caring funny person and I hope you never ever change. Thanks for making me silly. youre the best<3

Amanda- Well, well, well. My nickel pimp. Thats exactly what you are, some one who is always there, from the big things to the little things (like dishing out nickels). You'll listen to me no matter what and be serious about it. Then the next thing I know we're crazy, laughing about the most crazy things that no one else would find funny. I mean honestly, who laughs more at the reproductive systems and all their parts? ("cowpers gland" HA HA HA!) Everyone needs that rare-to-find friend that can be serious and crazy at the same time. Thanks for making me kinder. I love my Arizona<3

Christine- Oh my buddy. My wife. My soul sista lol. I was looking at that old book you me and ali had the other day. Remember our dogs? Well Ali had a cat. I think yours was Max? Wow we go way back. All thanks to that fateful show "All my fruits and vegetables" Good times, Good times. From "HIYA!!!" to "Mr. Beef.", From "Look no hands!" to "Ahh a boot!" Youre a great friend and so much fun to be around. I can't be upset when we're together. Youre a caring person that makes everyone around them happy. Thanks so much for being such a good friend through the years. And Thanks for making me a happier person. I love you my wife lol<3

Amandis- What a funny girl. Youre incredibly unquie and I completely look up to that. You have your own style and you can be yourself. We make each other laugh so much over the stupiest stuff. ("I hold my hands and pray!") I'm so glad we got, well i guess you could reunited in that dumbass social studies class. ("So columbus sailed around--WHO LIKES STRAWBERRY ICECREAM!?") haha. And Mr. Manzos class too--oh and how could I forget gym with Mike, haha and that one day during baseball we hung out in the out field and took pictures of him. Ah your a great person. Thanks for making me a hyper person. "where are the cups!?"<3

My sisters of the traveling pants<3

oh and btw-kristins wasnt supposed to be purple, it was supposed to black like the rest but i messed up lol-so she stands out but you all know i love you all the same<3
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Current Music:Elefant-The Sunlight Makes me Paranoid
Time:03:14 pm
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
I'm been quite the flake on this thing. well i might as well sortly annouce what has happened to me-the last thing i can remember is amandas sweet 16..ah yes, we'll go from there.

amandas sweet 16- whoa baby fun-ness. i cant dance for my life but i love to do it. especially when all my friends are there. It was amazing, hah and that dj-despite his creepy remark to danielle, he was cool for playing be our guest during dinner. and even cooler was we got effin hats! woo! oh and me amanda and lauren preformed Mr. Brightside cause were cool like that. happy 16th amanda;)

nicoles sweet 16- the next day i had a just as amazing time at nicoles sweet 16-the one she didnt know about until a limo pulled up at her house and picked us all up to go to the city and see wicked. that plays awesome-i love monkeys lol-bc of the tinted windows people didnt know who we were, so everytime we waved they thought we wer celebraties or something-*sigh* good times.

MC relays- only fun cause coll was there-well actually, the track guys made it fun too. We heard about B-nips...hah i might as well write the legend down:
"it was andrews first race. Hes feeling good, hes feeling ready, hes feeling pumped! and hes all the way in first. Then suddenly a voice shouts from the crowd 'look out-theyre right behind you.' and he turns. and he trips, and he falls....on his nipples. AND IT WAS THE COLDEST DAY I EVER DID SEE! and he nipples precided to come of." hah sounds stupid but coming from the shotputters its hysterical. Matt ran amazingly and hes so awesome<3

girls meet- monday we had a track meet-a girls one at that. which sucks bc that means no J-Mac, no Andrew, no B-nips, no magerral, and most importantly no matt:(-thats alright though, it was fun ne way. he ran a relay and i thought i was second but crew wanted me first. dandy bc i had my earings in and i needed to rip them off asap so we could start the race. that was a pretty nifty time.

yesturday- hah this isnt even important but---yesturday was another track meet and my darling boyfriend watched me throw-i felt bad bc i know shot and disc is the most boring thing to watch but he came ne way-i love him<3 now i feel its necessary to say colleen lawlor is amazing. i almost peed my pants yesturday bc she made me laugh so much. "move over! your a peein on my boot!---european" "i got hit by a bus and my boyfriend came and stuck his penis in me. this is called sexual healing" "i like my dick.....tator!" "look someone came and took a bite out of the sidewalk" hah i love her

k im done

wait no...Elefant is the best band ever-i heart them so very much

k now im done
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Current Music:Misfit~Elefant
Time:12:41 pm
Current Mood:groggygroggy

dont read this

....i know you want to now that i said that but seriously, its boring

*sigh* i warned you:

i had loverly easter in case your wondering. which your not, but hey, ur reading this so you must be interested in something. i supposed my easter started the day before. i was EXTREMELY hyper that night after haning out with matt. were so crazy. idk if i was to write down what we did everyone would think were freaks (stop thinking perverted thoughts btw, cause thats not it lol)so i wont. lets just say i had a great night and because of that i was super hyper. me and my brother were yet to color our eggs, so i called him when i got home to find out what we should do about it. he told me to just sit and wait until he got home and we'd do them then. so my brother gets home at 1. and we start coloring eggs. for the people that tell me that me and my brother are like bset friends i guess ur right. we were insane. and you know how EVERYONE colors at least one eggs by mixing a few colors to see how it came out? well we did all of them. then wrote on all of them with stupid things. i guess were just weird. it was around 3 when we got to bed. the next morning we finally got up at 11 and....blah



i dont care anymore. long story short my family is cool. OH! and i went for a walk with my aunt and my mom and some how my skirt went all the way up in the back and none of us noticed until a car honked twice. mmkay im done.


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Current Music:girl all the bad guys want-bowling for soup
Time:08:53 pm
Current Mood:lethargichehe...overweight smilely

whats that in thing coming thats wayy late? is it a bird? is it a plane? NO! its jeannas rochester update! no effin way!!

yes my sexy mamas...its finally here. but its not really an UPDATE...its a poem. YES MY FRIENDS I AM THAT MUCH OF A DORK THAT I MADE A POEM!

or could it be im uber talented...

nah....im just a loser.

its early morning-lets sit and wait,                                                                                                        

for a bus ride to come that we THINK we'll  hate,                                                                            

but once were seated and on our way,                                                                                                 

we noticed a boy who might be gay.                                                                                                 

how do we know, you may ask,                                                                                                        

that this poor boy is a fag?                                                                                                                   

well it could be he was wearing colls pants,                                                                                    

thats right folks, he dressed in drag!                                                                                                      

at our first rest stop we got some food,                                                                                           

joked around about the rod of chester                                                                                                

we wore some spiffy burger king crowns                                                                                          

and nicknamed this poor gay guy just like we did with Lester.                                                  

Cornealous was his nickname.                                                                                                            

but our interest was gone fast,                                                                                                         

cause we soon realized that truth or dare and dirty mad libs,                                                          

made this bus ride kick ass.                                                                                                                   

after 6 straight hours,                                                                                                                            

of nonstop fucking fun,                                                                                                                       

we made to our hotel and mixed up our rooms,                                                                                

but who cares where we stay? rochester is still number 1                                                                                                                                                

that night we watched the grudge,                                                                                                  

"watch out for naked asain boys!"                                                                                                   

afterwards our elevator went down instead of up,                                                                             

me and kristin were scared shitless&hopeing not to hear that "uh-uh-uh"  noise .           

Speaking of elevators that night we crammed into one

and we were so damn loud

we pushed marco out on a random floor

and the security guard said we were not allowed.

we had an awesome night,

i slept with christine *sigh* were quite the pair,

and we picked the perfect bed

because danielle and kristins had a pubic hair.

the next day i dont quite recall,

and i know you dont care,

but ive got to say that the food was great, the mall was fun,

and cornealous was EVERYWHERE!

ah now i remember the second day,

thats when my compition was-guess who it was with?

cornealous. yep he was there,

turns out his name is matt smith.

turns out kristin loves to "PARTAY"

and crazy cloaked men like to stare into our hotel,

flickling lights in the middle of the night isnt a good idea,

but all in all that night was swell.

the next day was awards day and centereach kicked ass,

alot of us won-were such cool cats,

but everyone was a truly a winner,

because we got to party at marcos after that!

we made alot of videos,

i love the last video the best,

"pimpin' aint easy"-but we needed to keep quiet,

cause pimpin' kristin needs her rest.

of course there were alot of other moments that trip,

hell, we even caught a molester,

but the others things that happened our for only the us to remember

because "what happens in rochester stays in rochester"

i love you guys so much.

im rather happy we all met;).

and i know for fucking sure,

that cornealous is a name we'll NEVER EVER forget.


...damnit...im good.

i hope you enjoyed my little poem:)

love you guys


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Current Music:the first day of my life-bright eyes
Subject:"these things take forever, i especially am slow"
Time:01:39 pm
Current Mood:lovedloved

my journal is nearing its end. its not even like myspace has taken over because i dont really make any blogs or anything. i think im just done with writing about the adventures of my day. whatever. i have to make an entry about rochester but i know it'll be freakishly long. at the moment i feel like just writing something small, which will end up something big. Firstly, and this is the top of the amazinging things list, is the fact im going to see taking back sunday and jimmy eat world concert. i guess im just hyped bc im in love with taking back sunday and the fact that they will be in the same room with me along with dozens of other people makes me tingle. ill just forget the fact other people will be freaking out around me and focus on tbs and myself. im not even sure when it starts, but say it started at 7, well then im making matt get us there by at LEAST 5. its a stand up room, meaning if we got there early maybe we could be by the stadge...right in front of them...oh man im getting the chills. anyways, itll be awesome. speaking of music. listen to this song. its so fucking pretty. it made me cry, is that weird? it reminded me of matt. then theres this lady holding a picture of her husband bc im guessing he died. that unlocked some weird emotions and i just thought about matt and how much i cared about him. then i thought about how much i missed amy. then i thought about my dad. i cried for at least an hour. but not a bad cry. its so pretty. anyways, please listen to it:


pleassssssse listen to it. i heard it on the bright eyes cd and it didnt unlock one emotion, but watching the video *sigh*. anyways the new bright eyes cd is incredible. everyone of the songs are amazing. i love the last song. and the first one....ah all of them. anyways...


oh yeah last night i went with matt and paul to see cabaret at newfield. we came late but at the last minute got in. all i can say is it was amazing. the stupidest story line ever. but ther acting was awesome. they had this perfect choreography and it was just...cool. hah im a dork. just they way they did it. there play kicks any play centereach has dones ass. david martinez was in it. beforehand be told me he wasnt the main character but he definetly was. you know that gay guy that comes out and is all like "everyone is beautiful here!" well thats just the lead cabaret guy. he was awesome  but not important. david on the other hand made the play. he did great. they worked so hard too. one girl was dancing with a sprained ankle. and david had hit his head the day before and was bleeding everywhere. anyways it was quite enjoyable. matt got really sick during it though. "oh yay its halftime. now i can go throw up." i saw lisa. i love her lol. i felt rather special too. paul told me i was all matt talked about. and this kid kyle was like "so this is the girl whos name you scribble all over your books like your in second grade." aww i love him. anyways, it was a loverly time. they did great. were gay. were doing grease. what the hell is that? how many times was grease done? wouldnt it be cool if we did some really outrageous play like Cats or The Lion King. yeah, then we'd kick cabarets ass. i mean Grease is awesome but even me and marcos (or should i say harold and yolandas) play would be better. okay well this was way longer then i figured it would be. i swear ill write about rochester soon. later<3

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